Posted by refresh YOU Pymble on 05/29/2019

Strengthen your leg muscles to improve your running

There are arguments for and counter arguments against, strength work for running. I sit in the for camp, strength work is the foundations of any good program. Even more so as you age and your ability to recover and tolerate regular runs with limited recovery is reduced. In this weeks video we show the fourth week of an event preparation program, in which we used a fantastic set of stair in the bush with a change in elevation of 68m in a great setting. The beauty of this method is you don't require and equipment, just you and perhaps a friend to help motivate you to go there in the first place

Find some stairs and then use them. In your house, at work, in the shopping center or out in the bush. This rule applies to beginners and experienced runners. If you can achieve this goal using functional movement patterns then you benefit even more.  As you can see it is not necessarily about running up the stairs, but if you walk with purpose then your leg muscles will really benefit. Not forgetting that we are also training at about Lactate threshold, so a great set of intervals.

Do this, improvement guaranteed!

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