Posted by refresh YOU Pymble on 06/07/2019

Training outdoors in Winter and Onions, what is the connection?

Dress for success can also be applied to training outdoors in Winter. If you take the right approach to your clothing then you will feel much more confident about getting outside and exercising in Winter. The key is to have the right clothing on at the right time during your class, more clothing on at the start and then less later in your class. The key here is layers, once you get the muscles working you will generate a lot of body heat. Certainly in Sydney during Winter if you are moving and working hard then you will barely notice the temperature. That is the point in layering, have a think about how hot you get when you train and layer accordingly. If you get really hot quickly then you will probably find your lowest layer can be a t shirt. If you struggle a bit in the cold, then investing in a good thermal top, not too thick, can be your lowest layer with your tshirt over the top. I suggest experimenting if you aren't sure and find what works for you. 

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