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Posted by Stefanie Dugandzich on 10/21/2019

It Comes Down to Effort

I feel that this talk needs to be heard because a lot of the time we're all wanting quick-fast results, and we're not willing to put in the effort that comes with those results. So it comes down to what your goal is? How badly do you want it? And how much effort are you going to be putting into it? So let's say for instance there's two people and person A, is on program on a really crap exercise program we'll call it program A, but they're putting in 110% effort day-in-day-out they're consistent, their effort never drops and they are just smashing out this program which is a crap program. Then you've got person B, and they are doing, they have pulled out all bells and whistles, and they're doing this amazing program that if it's done properly, it is going to get the best result ever, but they're putting in 10% effort. I want to know who do you think is going to get the results? So we've got program A as I said this is the crap program but the person's putting in 100% effort and then you've got person B doing program B which is this bells and whistles amazing program that they've it's going to get them the results that they have been dreaming about but they're putting in 10% effort. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you are on a crap program or a really awesome program. If you are not putting in the effort, don't expect the results. So the person on program A who's putting in 100% effort and it's crap program is actually going to be getting better results and closer to their goals, than the person that's forked out all this money for this awesome program but is putting in 10% effort. It's like going grocery shopping and buying all this healthy food and then bringing it home and doing nothing with it. That is not going to give you a healthy diet, that is not going to help you with your nutrition goals because you are just letting it sit there and go to waste. You need to prep your food, you need to eat it to reap the rewards. So if you think that a program, if you see someone that's on a program and they look amazing and they are exactly sort of where you want be in regards to your fitness journey, then you start that program and you're not reaping those results that you thought you would be getting. You need to ask yourself. Are you just turning up and putting in a half-assed effort? Are you just going through the motions and not pushing yourself to your limits daily? Are you just going because a friend said this is great, this worked for me and you're just expecting those results? Everything in life you need to be putting in effort. And how much effort you put in is going to show the results that you want. So if you want, and everyone trains for different reasons and there is no right or wrong in regards to what goals you want to get. That's completely and 110% you and what you want out of it. And there's so many people that train for different reasons. So we train people some people train for aesthetics reasons to look good, to feel good, they've got a certain strength goal or they might be in a type of program that like they wanna do a weightlifting competition, a bodybuilding competition, a physique competition. Something like that. There's people that just want to, they go to training to relieve stress. So a lot of people in regards to mental health. They find it's a really good way to relieve stress and make them feel better about themselves which is like a lot of people. So many people that I am in touch with on a day-to-day basis train not for the physical results but for the mental benefits that come with training. But that's not what my talk is about today, my talk is about the people that are expecting these awesome results but putting in crap effort. So I want you to ask yourself. Are you one of these people that are expecting the world but you're only putting in a 10% effort. And you're going to know if you're one of those people and it might be a bit of a tough point to sort of point out but let me ask? Do you turn up to training because a friend trains and you go to hang out with them? Do you go to train and when you're finished your session you feel like you haven't done anything? Do you go to training and you're on your phone for more of the time than you should be actually training? Are you able to hold a conversation while you're training? Do you do sweat when you train? If you're interested in results, fat loss results, strength results, fitness results those type of things, if you are able to walk out of your training session and go that was okay, that was pretty easy. I honestly don't believe you would have put in a 100%. Most programs are designed so that you are meant to be giving everything you can in that 45 minutes, in that hour everything you've got for that day, leave it in the gym. So my challenge to you going forward this week, is every session you do I want you to push that little bit further. I want you to go up in weight in certain exercises. If it seems easy and which is great because that means you've progressed and you're able to do that exercise but if it seems easy, I want you to push yourself. I want you to try and go up in weight in an exercise and it might not be for all exercises. You might be better in lower body exercises than upper body exercises. But you're not gonna know unless you try. So my goal and my aim for everyone this week is to push a little bit harder in your cardio. If you're able to get out 10 calories in 30 seconds, I want you to push for 12 calories. If you're able to do 300 meters in a minute on the rower, I want you to aim for 400 meters in a minute. If you are doing say, eight kilo kettlebell for kettlebell swings, it's time to move on to that 12 kilo kettlebell. If you are doing 10 kilo dumbbells for dumbbell bench press let's push to 12.5s. If you think if you've been doing a 40 kilo back squats, let's go to 50 kilos. And I'm not saying every single set you need to go up in weight, but let's try and push yourselves. There's no point in you turning up to training and wasting an hour of your day that is very valuable to you and I know it's a struggle to find that time during the day to train, to walk out and go that was okay or that was easy. If you're coming to catch up with your girlfriends or your friends how about catch up with them after the session. Go out for coffee after the session. So put in all your effort in the class everyone's training for different reasons but remember that your mate is training they might be training for their own strength goals or their own fitness goals. So they need to put in just as much effort as you do. So maybe try and inspire them and encourage them by turning up putting in 110% effort, increasing weight pushing harder on the bike or the rower or whatever it is and really getting the most out of your session. As I mentioned last week we want to aim for a minimum of four training sessions a week. So that's four hours plus of your time weekly and we find it very hard to find that time every day or every week. So if you're waking up early to go to training, make sure you're waking up and putting in 100% effort because you're gonna get more out of it, you're gonna see the results that you wanna see. And you're going to feel better about yourself because you're not wasting your time and you're day is going to be better because you're actually pushing and reaching your limits every day. So I apologise if that was a bit harsh. Just not my usual way I go about Real Talk with Stef but I just sort of feel that we're coming to the end of the year and some of us haven't reached our goals but it doesn't come down to the program that you're doing or the program that you're not doing it comes down to how much effort you are putting in to your training. How much effort you were putting into eating better? How much effort you're putting into trying to reduce your stress? It all helps. And I don't want anyone wasting their time and I want you to be getting those results that you're dying for but you also need to put in that effort. You can't just expect to turn up to a session or to train because you have this ants pants program, put in 10% effort and expect that you were going to get the results that you're after. You're gonna get 10% of the results you're after. If you're putting 10% you're gonna get 10%. If you put in 100%, you're gonna get 100% simple.

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